People of Sincere

  • Dan Kendall

    Founder and CEO

    Dan Kendall is a problem solver. He not only enjoys making things, he appreciates how things are made. He began his metal working career while in high school, training under Jeff Schiff at Schiff Architectural. Dan went on to receive his BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design (2012), where he combined his fabrication skills with a new found love of casting metal. Immediately after graduating, he went to work for New England Sculpture Service, where he ran the metal shop for 4 years. Upon word of NESS closing, and with the support of many key clients, Dan took over and re-branded the business. Sincere Metal Works is a perfect reflection of his talent, skill, knowledge, and dedication to the arts community in Greater Boston.

  • Marjee-Anne Levine

    Manager of Operations

    Marjee-Anne Levine received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2000), and her MFA from Georgia State University (2004). Marjee has been working in and running professional bronze foundries for the past 15+ years. She also teaches foundry and ironcasting at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is an internationally recognized expert in the field of ironcasting, and was the 2015 and 2017 co-chair of the National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art & Practices, held at Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark, Birmingham, AL. Marjee takes pride in being a pragmatist, nerd, control freak, and long-time RBF sufferer.

  • John Mayer

    Welder / Fabricator

    John is an amazing fabricator, stacking dimes like you dream about. We'll buy him some beer and make him write a bio!

  • Justin Playl

    Mold Maker

    Justin Playl is a kinetic sculptor with a background in pattern and mold making. Justin received his BFA from Bowling Green State University (2011), and his MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2016). He has spent three years working in professional bronze foundries. He also spent time at Salem Art Works and Franconia Sculpture Park as an emerging-artist-in-residence and intern, respectively. Justin runs on mold release fumes, bluegrass music, and black coffee (the combination is crucial).

  • Charlie Hahn

    Wax Guru

    Charlie Hahn is a traditional figurative sculptor whose work can be seen in galleries from New Jersey to Cape Cod and New Hampshire. He studied at the Art Students League of NY, after which he trained and taught at the Johnson Atelier, Mercerville, NJ. Charlie has over 30 years of experience working in wax rooms nationwide, including 21 years at New England Sculpture Service (until they closed). Charlie is fondly known as the "wax whisperer" and his tools are reported to be magic.

  • Kristen Deutsch

    Metal Chaser / all around go-to gal

    BFA (2017) Massachusetts College of Art & Design
    Kristen needs to write herself a bio, but she's too busy matching crazy textures on bronze castings!

  • Devon Dickson

    Ceramic Shell Overlord / Human Forklift

    BFA (2018) Massachusetts College of Art & Design
    Two-time Sculpture Trails survivor
    Devon needs to write up a bio when (if) we let him out of the dip room!

  • Juniper

    H. B. I. C.

  • Darby

    Mascot / Distraction